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JE-CO 3000 U-Drive

The current stator drive shaft is one of the biggest problems with current drywall texture rigs. The square ends round off very easily and often. Always leaving your equipment and crews down while repairs, that may require several days, are made to the unit. This down time is costly to every drywall texture rig owner. JE-CO Equipment has developed a Patent Pending drive shaft that is GUARENTEED FOR LIFE

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JE-CO 4000 Level-Coat Rig

The JE-CO 4000 was specifically designed by JE-CO Equipment to spray Levelcoat as a Primer / Surfacer. With the JE-CO 4000 you can eliminate the Latex Primer process currently used in the industry. The JE-CO 4000 is a hydraulically driven sprayer designed to spray Levelcoat at 4000 psi providing an exceptional finish as a one coat Primer Surfacer or as a two coat Level 5 Finish sprayer.

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JE-CO Texture Machines

JE-CO Equipment is an Authorized Dealer for American Spray Technologies a leading manufacturer of Drywall Texture Spray Rigs. JE-CO Equipment carries a complete line of texture spray rigs that will suit your every need.

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Custom Trucks and Rig Installation

JE-CO INC is an authorized used truck dealer and we have the ability to get you the truck (or trailer) best suited to your needs. We have skilled fabricators that can stretch, shorten or modify wheel bases and boxes to your exact specifications.

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JE-CO Used Equipment

Equipment you can purchase

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JE-CO Incredible Results

When finishing long, smooth, well lit surfaces, avoiding joint photographing can be a real problem. Harrah's Casino decided to use LEVEL COAT for a particularly challenging hallway with an arched ceiling. The results: a smooth, shadow-free surface.

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JE-CO Columbia Tools

Precision built tools that are intended for rugged daily use, and designed to produce unmatched results - that's what you get with a tool crafted by Columbia.

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JE-CO Equipment is your FASSI Crane dealer for the Rocky Mountain Region. JE-CO Equipment not only sells FASSI Cranes, but will install, service and repair your crane. JE-CO Equipment can OSHA Certify your existing or new cranes.

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