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Products: JE-CO 4000 Level-Coat Rig

JE-CO 4000 Prime Before Texture and Level 5 System

The JE-CO 4000 was specifically designed by JE-CO Equipment to spray Level-Coat as a Primer / Surfacer. With the JE-CO 4000 you can eliminate the Latex Primer process currently used in the industry. The JE-CO 4000 is a hydraulically driven sprayer designed to spray Level-Coat at 4000 psi providing an exceptional finish as a one coat Primer Surfacer or as a two coat Level 5 Finish sprayer. With the JE-CO 4000 you will use the extremely cost effective dry Level-Coat product capable of spraying 35-45 sheets per bag. With the JE-CO 4000 you will be able to use one bag of Level-Coat dry product to make eight (8) gallons of sprayable product.

The current method of spraying Latex Primer requires more liquid product some thin to increase the number of sheets it can cover. The JE-CO 4000 allows you to spray a Primer Surfacer coat and texture in the same day with the same crew using the same texture rig. As an added benefit the JE-CO 4000 sprays an Odorless product eliminating noxious fumes from the work area.

With recent advancements in technology the JE-CO 4000 now allows a 2 man crew to spray up to 100,000 Square Feet a day.

The JE-CO 4000 can be retrofitted to any existing texture rig or can be easily ordered with one of our new texture rigs. The JE-CO 4000 allows you to provide your customers with a Level 5 finish without any flashing or banding. Also there is no need to sand the Levelcoat applied by the JE-CO 4000 greatly reducing your costs and increasing your profits. The JE-CO 4000 can pay for itself in less than six (6) months when used in a production capacity.

For that Level 5 Slick Finish you no longer need to roll then skim and roll again and then skim again to get that Slick Finish your customer demands. To get the Level 5 Slick Finish you will get 20 to 24 sheets per bag product distribution. Far less than the amount of work required prior to our introduction of the JE-CO 4000.

The JE-CO 4000 Hydraulic Airless Sprayer will provide your company with the only commercial system on the market that can spray Levelcoat to a Level 5 finish without Sanding. The JE-CO 4000 can be installed on any existing texture machine or as an excellent combination with a new JE-CO Equipment texture rig. The JE-CO 4000 provides you the opportunity to increase your sales while decreasing your labor costs. Add a new unit to your business today and have the equipment pay for itself in as little as six months.

The JE-CO 4000 can come equiped with one (1) to four (4) spray guns and reels working at the same time without losing pressure. Not only does the JE-CO 4000 provide enough pressure to work four (4) guns at a time, but it also has no trigger pull down of power found in all other airless spray guns!