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Products: JE-CO FASSI Cranes

JE-CO Equipment is your FASSI Crane dealer for the Rocky Mountain Region. JE-CO Equipment not only sells FASSI Cranes, but will install, service and repair your crane. JE-CO Equipment can OSHA Certify your existing or new cranes. Our 24/7 Service Facility can get you back on the road sooner to ensure your business continues to grow.


The FASSI Articulated Crane was developed in 1964 by Mr. Franco Fassi. He designed the crane for the purpose of increasing the operating efficiency of his scrap recovery business. As others observed the FASSI cranes' efficiency and flexibility, a demand for the product was created and grew. Manufactured in Albino, Italy by FASSI Gru Idrauliche S.p.A., the FASSI Articulated Crane is not new to the United States, having been distributed in the U.S. through various dealers since 1972.

Today, FASSI Gru Idrauliche S.p.A., has proven to be a continual innovator in articulated cranes in the world. FASSI has a product line that encompasses approximately 40 basic crane models, which translates to over 500 available configurations. The FASSI product line includes the standard line of truck mounted articulated cranes, as well as, articulated wallboard cranes and the SoCaGe Line of truck mounted aerial personnel platforms. FASSI has attained an annual production level of approximately 6,000 cranes per year. FASSI remains a family owned company.

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