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Products: JE-CO Incredible Results

When finishing long, smooth, well lit surfaces, avoiding joint photographing can be a real problem. Harrah's Casino decided to use LEVEL COAT for a particularly challenging hallway with an arched ceiling. The results: a smooth, shadow-free surface. Drywall by Niehaus construction, Painting by Frontenac Painting.


Churches and buildings with high ceilings, tall atriums and significant amounts of natural sunlight are particularly susceptible to drywall joint shadowing. When The Church On The Rock in St. Louis got ready to hang 800,000 square feet of drywall, they opted to use LEVEL COAT to eliminate joint photographing and provide a professional, attractive finish.

When The Fountains of Ellisville, an assisted living center, specified a level 5 finish for its residential units, LEVEL COAT was the product of choice to insure a quality finish.

When the Republic of the Ivory Coast did a major addition to its embassy in Washington, D.C., LEVEL COAT was the product chosen to help match the plaster finish in the refurbished section.

Buyers of estates like those in this suburban Baltimore subdivision, demand the best in quality and finish. That's why Pulte Homes uses LEVEL COAT to prime-coat the drywall in their upscale estate-homes.

Phoenix hospital demands perfect drywall. Read how our unique polymer based primer was used to achieve smooth results.

The gold-foil-finish in this dome and the hand-painted mural in this barrel-ceiling, would have magnified any imperfection in the drywall finish. Therefore, Troutman Drywall used LEVEL COAT in this estate-home to insure that the gypsum-board would be perfect and meet the customer's high demands.


"LEVEL COAT™ is the antidote to the oil-and-water relationship that drywallers and painters frequently have. I've tried every spray-on Level 5 product that there is, but LEVEL COAT is affordable enough that I can provide it in a drywall bid and basically give it to the customer! I have a time and labor savings of 30% on touch ups and by leaving a beautiful smooth wall, I've completely eliminated complaints from painters. I won't use anything else."

by Chuck Hoff, Elite Drywall Systems, Ankeny, IA

"With the large number of residential projects that our company specializes in, I can't afford the time to deal with inferior materials or workmanship. When our clients have a custom home built, they want it to be perfect. That's why I won't use anything but LEVEL COAT™ to prepare drywall for a paint or textured finish. I've found that LEVEL COAT greatly enhances the look and quality of the walls by completely eliminating joint flashing. The 13,500 gallons that we've applied in the last 90 days will pay for itself in fewer call-backs and happier customers, not to mention the savings in material and labor expense. I can't afford NOT to use LEVEL COAT."

by Cal Enterkin, Tri-City Drywall, N. Las Vegas, NV

"I've tried surfacers from other companies and found that some are so hard that it worked against achieving a level 5 finish because we couldn't sand it. LEVEL COAT™ has given us the ability to cut our labor by as much as 75% over skim coating and priming drywall---that's HUGE! Now, we're accomplishing two functions at once. After applying LEVEL COAT, we lightly brush the surface with 150grit sand paper and find that the end result is a wonderful level 5 finish. Bottom line, I use LEVEL COAT because it makes my customers happy, it makes me money and makes my company look great!"

by Todd Bender, owner of P&A Drywall Supply and John Bender Drywall Installation, St. Louis, MO

"We've had a lot of success using LEVEL COAT™. On one job we even sprayed it over an existing lightly textured vinyl wallcovering, sanded it, sprayed on another coat, sanded it and then applied one coat of paint. Quite honestly, you can't tell the difference between that wall and the ones that we painted over plain drywall. The savings in time and labor compared to stripping the wall was enormous, and the quality of the end result was superb."

by Frank Shirley, President, Georgia Commercial Builders, Atlanta, GA

"My father was a plasterer for 30 years and could finish a wall so smoothly that it looked like a mirror. He raised me to be a perfectionist. For years I struggled to achieve a finish like his on drywall and the closest that I could get was to skim coat and then hand trowel the wall; it was a poor alternative. If someone asked me to prepare a wall for a high gloss dark paint, I'd say, "no way." That was prior to LEVEL COAT™. Now, with some of the specialty jobs that I'm asked to do, I have confidence that I can meet my own expectations and exceed my customer's expectations."

by Elvin Troutman, Troutman Drywall, Stillwell, KS

"We have just completed building a new house and being in the construction business ourselves we had seen what Level Coat could do so we had it applied in our home. We have had people visit and one of the first questions we get is, 'Who was your painter?' We have never had anyone ask that question before but the walls and ceilings look so uniform that it is very noticeable and the darker the paint the better the wall looked! We are extremely happy with the performance of Level Coat and would recommend it to all contractors and homeowners."

by Diance Stanley, Office Manager, J&L Drywall